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BM is the topic for today doll, seamless bodies (Figures movable) is the distributor's total.

Seamless body (base body)


Edation the topic now manufactured in Taiwan, manufactured Phicen (Hong Kong) seamless bodies.

(Manufactured by Edation)

(Manufactured by Phicen)  

Original head body (base body)

Head for the original      

 We are currently working on producing!

Original Doll & Custom Figures/Custom Heads BM

BM is a custom figure DOLL original with a focus on a combination of real bodies head custom made ​​for this, we also perform sales and production of custom heads.


Figures made of 1 / 6 of a conventional resin (produced by Hong Kong artist)


Real figures are high levels of workmanship in both texture Peninto subjected to high levels of Body 1 / 6 Resin.


Future policies

: Body development and sales of original seamless bodies (under development)

: Body development and sales of the original head (under development)

: Challenges and Efforts to Strengthen than 1 / 6 Size

: Original and custom bodies seamless collaboration with the head (in new initiatives)

Products: Original Character (like King Kong Godzilla Gekko Kamen), production and sales of

: Production and sale of original accessories products

What's New

Providing a base for Hong Kong, Hong Kong, outsourcing agreement with Japanese company
Some of the products launched in Hong Kong figure artist
Website Renewal
Website renewal, new works
> >
New website launched by the Renewal
Fall, a new original figure will be announced


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Resin figures are here because they can do is re-produced small amounts of resale, we leave the image data. So far work, can be found on this website


Because of the limited quantity and customized products, manufactured at the new work was completed, made ​​a presentation on this website, we conducted a sale in order of arrival. We will be sold and removed from the website at the same time. Since no image data is also completely removes the product image in the past.

Custom Head Doll announced a new custom figures are scheduled for next fall. More dates are determined, and this website. Please stay tuned. 

BM is like a home photo center head, has been involved in real DOLL real figures only. May have a real endless pursuit.

Produced by molding and painting of the leading prestigious ■, which supplies high-grade products to customers.

The elastomer material, resin, polyurethane, silicone is the main.

size is almost 1 / 6 size, will enhance future efforts to other sizes, such as 1 / 3 size.

DOLL PVC Figures / BM is not the finished product with a custom made, all of even a single point, making it a little or limited edition products.

BM has a production base for information modeling in Hong Kong contractors are building a system that can supply high quality products at low prices.


Original status of the production head BM

More friendly and everyone in the BM, is a prime field of research and development that satisfies the original head of the outcome after painting. The concept is "look rich" is.

Volks heads and Obitsuheddo than existing, higher quality, more affordable, we are working to make the products our customers pleased. Items to complete, please be patient. Soon, I can introduce you to everyone. Please stay tuned! !


Hong Kong-based company in Taiwan Edation (Hot Stuff), Hong Kong's Phicen, Tiger's brother China (TBLeague) has also established a direct route from the purchase, especially for products of the three companies at a lower price than anywhere that can supply you with pride. This product offers contractor per box (12 pieces per box) and in doing wholesale. Prices vary depending on the lot so please ask. Shortly, so please stay tuned and made ​​the original plan to sell our bodies seamless.

 (Manufactured by Edation)


Edation (Hot Stuff) made ​​of seamless bodies, our bodies perform seamless wholesale sales made ​​by Phicen. However, this product will be sold in case quantity.

All stock is sold in Japan. Delivered directly from overseas even if the stock does. Once accepted in Japan after confirming items (check appearance) We have gotten will be a delivery.

Lot prices (in case) please contact varies depending on.

We recommend the purchase of as much as possible so we soon become popular items.

Because they often run out of stock, accepting advance sale.  So we also become a first-come, thank you for your reservation soon.

In addition, reservations, booking form here please book more.

Commissioned the production of small batch plant in China for those who are considering the production figures in the BM (OEM) We have received your. Please feel free to contact us.

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